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D.H : Donna by StarBombs D.H : Donna by StarBombs


Name: Crissy, Donna
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Nationality: Scottish/ English

Age: 17

Birthday: October 10th

Year: 3thrd

Class: A

Gender: Female

Orientation: Straight

Height: 6'3 in. // 190.5 cm

Weight: 150 lbs // 68.2 kgs

Animal: Dog

Specie: Canine

Breed:  Collie /Scottish/

- To sleep
- Hugging
- company
- Food
- Sweet bread
- buffets
- Boys
- more boys
- Bagpipes
- Sheeps and lambs

- To be woken up really early
- not be able to have contact with her parents
- Running out of food
- when cute boys catch her staring like the potato she is.
- running out of juice
- waking up super late in the day.

Personality: Weird/ Passive / Kind / Gentle / Sensitive / Shy / Quiet / Loyal / Couch potato / Lazy / Lazy . . /Lazy
Donna is quiet and extremely lazy. Due to her carefree and lazy spirit, she is often viewed as apathetic. She is the laid-back older sister type and is often there protecting and giving love to those younger than her. She doesn't like to do much physical labor and will stray from tasks that require her to do a lot of work. She is very generous and extremely self-less. At first she may come off as anti-social, but tends to open up alot as the relationship deepens.
She has some trust issues which causes her to be very wary of everyone around her.  Donna is loyal and very super friendly. Due to her friendliness being mistaken for having a crush, Donna tries hard to be just a bit more selfish. She's sensitive but tries hard to be a bit outgoing . .if she feels like it.

    Donna was born in Scotland to a middle-class family. She has three younger bothers and often helps to take care of them when her mother is too tired. Her mother is a pre-school teacher, while her father is a bartender in a pub not too far away from where they live. As a young child, Donna was very sweet, out-going, and a little loud. She was seen as one of the cutest girls in the elementary school, but hardly payed attention to the title.

    She strayed from popularity and sought to have one close friend. As the amount of friends she had grew, Donna grew to be even more kinder and a bit generous. She was teased for being so kind to almost everyone and was teased for the rumor that she liked numerous boys at once because she was so nice to them. Donna tried to ignore it, but it got worse when the boys actually believed she had a crush on them. Her friends weren't much help either as they didn't believe her. She struggled with this through the middle of elementary and a bit through middle school.

    During middle school, her grades were decent, but she started to become lazy and it showed. Instead of playing outside, she stayed inside eating small snacks and lazing off. People often thought she was depressed, but she was actually content. She didn't make an effort to make friends and didn't really put herself out there. She was too lazy to. If people wanted to be friends with her, she would accept them, but wouldn't trust them too much. Her trust issues had developed from elementary school when the friends she had ever truly backed her up with anything or kept her embarrassing little secrets. From then, she was always a little wary.

    Her middle school experience was decent according to her, but she didn't think too much of it. While looking for a high school for his daughter, Donna's father decided to make her to stay with her Uncle and his relatives in Japan. Donna's uncle had nothing but good things to say about this one high school in particular : Doubutsu-High. Her father hesitated at first due to expenses and the long distances, but his brother paid and insisted since he hasn't seen his niece since she was a young child. Donna's mother disagreed, but not really knowing of any other high school that was suitable for Donna she agreed and saw it as a chance for Donna to explore a little as long as she always called home. Donna was indifferent about the arrangements and agreed to see her Uncle and live with him and her aunt. Over the summer she moved over to Japan and started going to Doubutsu-High.

Club: Cooking

Additional information:
- Huge daddy's girl
- Loves her long hair, she keeps it so long because her father also loves it.
- Lazy as helllllll . . ..
- Blushes for almost everything
- Has insane bed-hair
- Very soft-spoken . .very very soft spoken.
- Secretly self-conscious about her height and it makes her nervous when she thinks about it
- Always rejects the idea of playing basketball because she thinks it's too much work.
- Grows a little clingy to those whom she considers to be a real friend //she'll keep coming around to look for them//

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takarayume Apr 9, 2014  Student General Artist
jhfdsfa cute--her hair hnnghIwanttopetit//kicked--:iconureshiiplz:

Oh and I'd love to rp sometime :''D
StarBombs 5 days ago  Student Digital Artist

Thank youuu <333
we can rp if you want ;v;
takarayume 1 day ago  Student General Artist
Omg--then did you prefer to rp via notes or skype? ; 7 ; 
StarBombs 7 hours ago  Student Digital Artist

doesn't matter ;v;
Fuouo Jan 11, 2014  Hobbyist
(✪㉨✪) Senpai Collie looks sooooooo :iconsofluffyplz: //shot

Fuo is new in the group. But hope to drop by and say hellooooo to senpai(s) !

Reiji: :iconladies-plz: Senpai ! //bowsdown
StarBombs Jan 12, 2014  Student Digital Artist

lol <333
I'm glad you like her~! we can rp anytime :iconmingplz:
not by comments thooooo
Fuouo Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist

she's sooo  cute to not be likeable <3 wwwwhhhh

oh .. W-we can rp ?? /// yay
b-but where would starbombs senpai prefer?? ///
StarBombs Jan 25, 2014  Student Digital Artist


Yess--either Notes or Skype, I don't mind at all ;v;
Fuouo Jan 28, 2014  Hobbyist
///// yay
h-how about .... notes?/ /////
StarBombs Jan 28, 2014  Student Digital Artist

send me one ;v;~!!!]
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